Data security

At Log4Job, we take data security very seriously!
That goes e.g. for the anonymity when using our services
and especially concerning the protection of your personal data.
If you have further questions concerning data security, you are welcome to contact us.

Data collection and use

Every time a user requests a page on our web site, there are some data transferred:
- File name of that page and - if applicable - data entered by you
- Referrer-URL of that page, from where the page was called
- Date and time of the request
- Access status (page transferred, page not found and so on.)
- Type and Operating system of the used browser
- IP-Address of the user
We use this data solely for system stability purposes and these data will be deleted and/or anonymized, as soon
they have served this purpose.
We don't store payment data. Those data are transferred encoded to a payment provider.


This web application wont work without cookies. We only store data in cookies necessary to run this site.
Further on, those data are encrypted.

Information and deletion

Every Log4Job customer has the right, to be informed about his or her data.
If you would like to be informed about the data stored, we would like you to write us
a mail, using the mail address used in Log4Job, together with a copy of your personal id card.

If you would like to delete your data, you can do that yourselves in your profile view.