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Features ico1 e7febb8749a92c055a385f02a62699dd8073e61004467f2547f9ba9d09f10c77   Beautiful on all devices

With Log4Job your data are getting mobile.
You can access your data on all devices that has a normal internet browser.

Features ico2 2d79450b6ae3a2d7437ad470f32567df608658b9c30359388d85d85e667c581b   Stay informed

This application talks for itself.
Log4Job informs your about all you need to know about your application.

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Features ico3 11586ad20838f447efc49c8710322f13fee44a4e707782e7477b18825fad2f7e   Combine and extend

Log4Job is extendable and the components are combinable.
This feature lets you model real world solutionsand Log4Job shows you the structure of your system.

Features ico4 e7daeaf55759e1e33ab238ddbfe213751fd1f86607fa62a100a306e88a8e1560   Dates

Never miss a scheduled maintenance date again.
Log4Job manages your service dates automatically and reminds you when they are due.

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Already at a small number of objects, Log4Job can optimize your workflow substantially.
Starting at a few, up to a couple of hundred maintenance objects, you are iin good hands here.

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You are in good company here. You manage a couple of hundreds or thousands of objects which you maintain regularly.
Log4Job offers you the same benefits that the very large companies have, without paying the prize.

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Log4Job scales arbitrary. Even if you manage hundred of thousands of objects, you are very well served here.
We build on the state of the art technology.
Talk to us, if you need a individual solution.